FSS 4 Tiger Force Outback Unveiled!

Tiger Force Outback steps out of the shadows in today’s FSS 4 reveal!

FSS 4 Tiger Force Outback


(Based on the European exclusive Tiger Force action figure!)

Includes: NEW head sculpt, removable harness & flashlight, assault rifle, survival knife, backpack and figure stand.

Hmmm… well, it’s certainly better than what I was expecting.  Given the Club’s propensity to use yellow in place of orange, I fully expected Tiger Force Outback to resemble the Joe Con 2015 Big Brawler figure.  Thankfully that’s not the case.  Still, something is lacking on this one, at least in my eyes.  Maybe it’s the heavily Photoshop rendered image or it’s just my old eyes but it’s hard to get a real sense of what this figure is going to look like.

There’s a LOT of what appear to be 25th Anniversary parts in this build.  It’s hard to tell but it almost looks like MOST of this figure is built right from the 25th Anniversary Outback. The legs, arms, and even torso all appear to be the same as what was already released.  IF that is indeed the case, is this figure really worth the Club’s prices for a figure that was essentially built in 2009?

At least we have a new Boss Fight Studio head to look forward to!

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