Joe Con 2015: Images of Hasbro Vehicle Packs

We have new product images from Hasbro fresh from Joe Con 2015!

First off, I’d like to apologize for the tardiness of this posting.  I’ve been commuting back and forth to Joe Con each day which means my internet access has been restricted to the times that I’m actually back at JBL HQ.  However, let’s get on to the good stuff.

The Hasbro panel was today and Derryl DePriest and Mark Weber revealed a whole new slate of products that will be exclusive to both Toys R Us and  The line is essentially a continuation of the 50th anniversary series and will be available on August 1, 2015.   Here are the vehicle set breakdowns and the images, both official and in case shots, for the vehicle packs:

Desert Duel Vehicle Pack

  • Cobra Basilisk w/ Elite Horseman
  • FOE (Forward Observation Encampment) Striker w/ Chuckles
  • NEW Chuckles head based on Mike Costa comic appearances

Desert Duel

Silent Strike Vehicle Pack

  • HISS Tank w/ pilot & gunner
  • Skystriker w/ Ace & Sightline
  • Sightline is a memorial to Gary Head and will carry his name and birthplace on the file card

Silent Strike


SDCC vehicle packs:

Crimson Strike

  • Features a REVERSE of the classic vehicle usage
  • Crimson Scythe with AVAC & Alley Viper
  • G.I. Joe Chimera with Steeler & Grunt

SDCC Crimson Strike

Desert Duel (with 2 extra figures)

  • Same as standard Desert Duel
  • Includes both Night Fox & Cobra Air Trooper as additional figures

SDCC Desert Duel

Shortly after the panel, prototypes were placed in the display case on the floor.  Once the initial throng of the curious died down JBL was able to step in and get some images.

One thought on “Joe Con 2015: Images of Hasbro Vehicle Packs

  1. Figure wise, That Chuckles would still be good with the old 25th head but that new one is fantastic. Love the HiSS Driver and Gunner. And the Gary Head tribute is a rather sweet gesture.

    Love the F.O.E Striker, the HiSS (in both colours) and the Cobra Basilisk came out nice.

    That SDCC Crimson Scythe deco is amazing.

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