In Hand Images of the SDCC Danger at the Docks Set!

SDCC Danger at the Docks in hand

The SDCC Danger at the Docks sets have shipped from and JBL admin Madmac41 received his set yesterday.

I have to say that I hate him for it!  Oh jealousy, you are truly a green-eyed monster.

After a quick phone conversation, I was able to get a few thoughts on the set:

  • Flint is built using the Resolute head and the Retaliation 3-pack torso.
  • The plastic on the vehicles, like much of the 50th product, is softer.  Apparently he’s had some issues with the rear axle.
  • The Night Landing weapons crate appears to contain an updated version of Road Pig’s wrist crossbow.
  • Overall, he’s pretty happy with the set and would like to see a Cobra Stinger re-release soon!

Check out the images of the SDCC Danger at the Docks set below.  These were posted to the JBL Facebook page earlier this afternoon.  My set is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I have the feeling tomorrow night will be spent putting together a review as fast as my greedy little fingers can type!

2 thoughts on “In Hand Images of the SDCC Danger at the Docks Set!

  1. Mine is on the way thanks to your heads-up, since these puppies sold out within the hour. I wouldn’t mind more VAMP molds being released if we never got any newly tooled product again. There are so many classic vehicles out there waiting to be dusted off that we haven’t seen in years. (Hydrofoil! Whale! Mobile Command Center! Rolling Thunder!)

  2. Mine cannot get here soon enough! The scheduled delivery is today so I’m hoping to run home over lunch and verify the arrival! Flint’s always been a favorite character of mine (thanks to the voice work of Bill Ratner) and I never owned a VAMP Mk II before! This is a win-win for me!

    Hopefully I can get a review posted shortly!

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