G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Unveils FSS 3.0 Spearhead

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club dropped a surprise on its members earlier this afternoon in the form of the first Figure Subscription Service 3.0 preview!  Feast your eyes on Spearhead & Max in their classic colors!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club Figure Subscription Service 3.0 Spearhead & Max


The design is the same that was used to build the Joe Con 2013 exclusive “Nocturnal Fire” version– which is fine with me!  Spearhead and his trusty bobcat Max were actually two of my favorite parts of the entire set!  I also really like the more subdued colors that are shown in this digital mock-up.  One thing that always bothered me about the original 1988 version was the fact that his uniform colors were just too bright to be practical.  This version fixes that nicely.

However, the good news doesn’t stop there.  Check out this email from Brian Savage which states that the sign-up period might be beginning sooner than anyone realized:

Hello Everyone,
We are shooting for Monday to open the orders for FSS 3.0. Normally, there is a 3 week order period, but since that would fall in the middle of BotCon, we are extending the order period to end on July 1. You will have until that time to process your order. Over the next few weeks we will be showing all of the figures (except the mystery 13th figure) so that they will all be online before the order period ends. The cost of the subscription will be $315 if paid in full, or $105 per installment (3x) plus the online service charge for each billing.

Currently we anticipate that the first figures will ship in late October, but that is still TBD until we receive the final schedule from the manufacturer. When the shipment arrives, we will publish the two dates for the second and third installments. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your support!


So there you have it! FSS 3.0 is tentatively scheduled to launch on Monday and the sign-up period will run for the entire month of June.

And know you know…

One thought on “G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Unveils FSS 3.0 Spearhead

  1. There are far more characters I need in this year’s sub that ones I don’t care for, so it looks like I’m signing up again.

    Spearhead & Max rank up there among my must haves along with the other ’88 recruits being revisited this year. I will miss the orange camo (I never had a problem with it) but this new subdued update indeed looks awesome.

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