Coil Con 2012: Exclusive gliders revealed! Also full con set pricing!

Okay, I’m officially cranky about not being able to attend the Midwest G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Coil Con 2012.  Seriously, seriously cranky.  The organizers of Coil Con 2012 today released two more exclusive images– and they’re nothing short of pure AWESOME!

Zilant and Dodger will be getting their own sweet rides this year in the form of specialized foam gliders!  It’s the very essence of a simple-but-effective exclusive and one that suits a fan-run convention perfectly!  (It’s also something that makes me curse my family-obligated inability to attend even more!)

Here’s the latest on the con pricing and sales:

The COIL CON III exclusives this year will be sold starting at 10AM. The show starts at 9AM. They will be $125 per boxset which includes 2 carded figures and 2 gliders per box. Limited to the first 40 attendees. Please, visit the official website at for more information.