Joe Con 2012: The exclusives revealed– sort of…

Madmac41 is down on the scene at the 2012 Joe Con in New Orleans and has sent on this information regarding the 2012 Convention Exclusives.  (Thanks to his Golden Ticket.)

  • Annihilator 3-Pack (LE 650)
  • IG Ground Assault 2-Pack (LE 1,000)
  • Cobra Stealth Paratrooper (LE 500)
  • OG Attack Helicopter (LE 600)
  • Soviet Convoy Truck w/ 3 Tops (LE 500)

Also revealed was the attendee exclusive- a Russian repaint of the Snarler!  (Picture of Madmac41’s bike– courtesy of

More details as they emerge…


EDIT– I received a pair of pics last night from Photonut showing Horrorshow and the sidecar of the Joe Con Snarler.  It looks like Stepan needs to lay off the borscht if he’s going to be riding shotgun any time soon!  Still, an updated Oktober Guard is something that has been top of many Joe fan’s “wish list” for some time now so it looks like the Club has another hit on their hands!

One thought on “Joe Con 2012: The exclusives revealed– sort of…

  1. Great! Can’t wait to see who’s in that IG ground assault set! Stealth paratrooper? Could it be a clear Wraith due of his Destro ties?

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