JoeCon 2012: At last, Horrorshow

Ladies & gentlemen, allow me to present Stepan Drukersky aka HORRORSHOW!

Comic Pack #7 marks the only time that Horrorshow has ever been released in figure form!  I’m a HUGE o-ring fan but even I have to admit that the Club really did save the best for last with this figure.  Now, I’m not 100% certain but I’m seeing what appear to be parts from everyone from Shadow Tracker to the Resolute Cobra Commander when I look at this image and it works!  Without a massive amount of new parts, there really is no other way to bring Horrorshow to life in Gen 3 form that I could see.  Great new headsculpt and a fairly on-model update to one of my favorite classic Joe characters.

He is most definitely NOT “UGLY!!”  (Gung-Ho might still feel he’s a dumb Russian bear, but that’s another story.)

Let’s be honest– even with the (in my opinion) lackluster Iron Grenadiers this set is still made of pure WIN!

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