Sure Fire is latest reveal from the “Club Sub”

Sure Fire is latest reveal in the Collector’s Club Figure Subscription Service!

Based heavily on the 2002 v2 version, he’s the latest in a long string of reveals from the Club.  (It also looks like he’s got the same vest as the Renegades version of Law. )  Personally I hope his green is a bit more subdued in person as this one is almost bordering on neon.  It very well could be the lighting but it’s pretty garish right now.  That being said, I do prefer the v2 coloring over that of the original.  It fits more with the varied look of the Joe team with uniforms consisting of Hawaiian shirts and sports jerseys.  Sharp-eyed fans will note that this new version now sports a beard whereas the original v2 was clean-shaven.  I’m still not entirely sold on this subscription service yet; this figure pushes me slightly more in the “going to take the plunge” category but not very far.

As always, no pricing has yet been announced; fans will have to keep their eyes peeled on Figure Subscription Service page of for details.

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