G.I.Joe Collectors Club 2011 Club Exclusive

The G.I.Joe Club has revealed their Members 2011 Club  Sea Adventrue Exclusive.  Done in 3 3/4 inch 25th sculpt style he is the 4th installment of the Adventure Team sets, and comes with the Sea Wolf II mini sub.   Preorder for the Sea Adventurer will be made available in the near future. 

There are those that say the Sea Adventurer has salt water in his  veins.  And given the number of times he’s faced injury during a dangerous under-water mission, they may just be right!  From fearless encephalopods to fearsome cyber-sharks, the Sea Adventurer faces them all with a fierce determination on his face and an ancient sea-chanty on his tongue!  No matter how the day is won, the other Adventure Team members can always count on the Sea Adventurer to take care of business and live to tell the tale!