Create-a-Character Entry Thread: Brand New Day Edition

Yoho Joe has blown the dust off of the Create-a-Character contest!                                                                                                                                                          Hide the kiddies folks, it’s time for yet another Create-a-Character Contest!!!!

It’s been a while . . . months in fact . . . since we pulled this little chestnut out, but we’re back for another installment of mayhem and general wackyness. For those just tuning in or new to these parts, Create-a-Character (CAC) Contests are a little game in the tradition of the old Hasbro Steel Brigade and Create-a-Cobra mail away premiums. Basically, you submit a bio/filecard based on that particular round’s theme and then the submissions are voted on. The winning vote gets a custom finished up to match the winning bio. And to add to the excitement – we got a twofer this go around.

We’ve done all sorts of variations on themes in the past, but for this round we’re returning to the original base fig format. In a nutshell, you need to write up a filecard including Name, Specialty, and a bio based on the figures posted. It can be anything you want within the rules of the game. You can make it as detailed, random, or goofy as you want.

So before we get to the figs, lets lay down the rules for this round:

1. Any member of JBL is eligible to enter – including past winners, newbies, mods, lurkers, and even guys named Rashawn. You can even join up with JBL for the sole intention of entering this contest.

2. Entries must be submitted via PM to Yoho Joe (thatsa me!) by 9pm Wed. April 8th. These are to be blind entries, so please do not post your submissions. I will add entries to this thread as they are received.

3. You may submit one entry FOR EACH fig. So a total of 2 entries. Please label entries MALE & FEMALE

4. Entries must include at minimum: Name/Codename, Primary Specialty, and brief bio.

Okay folks, that’s it. This is wide open. You can make the figs completely seperate from one another, or link them together. Remember I can make a number of mods to either fig, but the part choices are these. Feel free to include a description of how you view the final custom with your entry including colorschemes and what not. If you got any questions go ahead and post them here or drop me a PM. Hope to see some groovy entries.

Oh, yeah, I suppose you wanna see the figs : Click here to go to the forum.