New Walmart Listing?

walmart                                            Super Poseable Blog reports finding new GI Joe listings on Walmarts computer system. KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE ONLY RUMORS AT THIS POINT!  Thanks to JBL member Goldbug for pointing this out! Join in on the discussion here.

New G. I. Joe Rise of Cobra toy listings!!

The Wally ‘puter strikes again. I always trust their listings and they so far haven’t been wrong as far as I remember. (If I am, please correct me!!!) Look at the listings for Marvel Universe a few weeks back. A few new names popped up and they were pretty much confirmed by Hasbro when Fury Files went live.

Also note these listings were more complete compared to other listings. I also can’t confirm they are movie related but I would bet money they are due to just popping up recently. Also they reflect a price increase. Ouch!!!

GI JOE Single figures $7.88

65356944697 Single pack Charbroil
65356944698 Night Adder
65356944699 Red Fang Ninja
65356944700 Single Pack Kamakura
65356944701 Nano Viper
65356944824 Duke V4
65356944825 Single Pack Desert Viper
65356944826 Single pack Ripcord
65356944827 Storm Shadow

GI JOE Vehicle Assortment $15.97

65356944078 Tiger Claw ATV L
65356944075 PLR SHRC Sub IC (Polar SHARC Submarine ?)
65356944076 Rockslide Desert
65356944077 Lava Pod Volcano