Updated “Rescue Doc” mail-in form!

Hasbro logoThe “Operation: Rescue Doc” redemption form has been updated!

Ever since it was announced that Battle Points (and Flag Points) could be redeemed for additional Doc figures, fans have been looking for a way to indicate this on their order forms.  Hasbro listened and a new redemption form has been posted at both GIJoe.com and GIJoeClub.com.

Hasbro also released the following statement regarding the redemption:

Updated: Doc Battle Point Mail Away

Because fans asked for it…Battle Points are back. Old Battle points can now be used to redeem the mail-away doc figure available in the comic backs. In addition to sending in 6 POP’s, fans can include an additional 50 battle points and $4.95 to redeem additional figures. A total of 4 figures can be redeemed for each completed redemption form.

It’s official– four figures per order form! Doc figures will be begin shipping in May 2008.