Vitruvian HACKS Atelis Warrior Photo Contest Winners!

It’s time to announce the Vitruvian HACKS Atelis Warrior photo contest winners!

Kokomo Toys Virtruvian HACKS Atelis warrior

(I know… JBL is late on this but what else is new, right?  I need to find a way to make this my full-time gig!)

Thanks to friend of JBL Kokomo Toys, we had three of their killer exclusive Vitruvian HACKS Atelis Warrior Armored Amazon figures to give away.  Two were going to be awarded to a Facebook entrant and one to an Instagram participant.

Sadly, we had no entries on Instagram which just means that we’re giving away TWO prizes on Facebook instead!  The first place winner gets a pair of these awesome serpentine Atelis Warrior figures while the runner-up is the recipient of a single Atelis Warrior to add to his or her collection. The decision-making process wasn’t easy and but in the end the winners were chosen based on photo composition as well as their descriptions.  So, without further adieu…

The Contest Post:

The Runner-Up:

Atelis Warrior HACK contest James Gouldsmith Runner Up

Facebook fan James Gouldsmith hit on the spirit of the contest and still made the site staff laugh!  Rather than post a description about how the Atelis Warriors would fit into the image he had his orc subject demand them as his bounty!  We liked the shot and it gave us a chuckle at the same time.  He’ll be getting a single Atelis Warrior shipped out his way just as soon as we get his address!

And the Winner Is…

Atelis Warrior Hacks Content winner James Words WINNER - web

The winner of the contest is non other than Facebook fan James Word!  James’ entry told a compelling tale– portraying a scene straight out of a Harryhausen-esque sword and sandals film!  A simple but effective shot portrays the Atelis as deadly silent assassins capble of taking down even the mighty Spartans.  It’s a great shot and one that left the JBL staff wanting to see what happened in the next frame.  Hopefully James can post an update once his PAIR of Atelis Warrior figures arrive!

Thanks to EVERYONE who submitted entries!  The contest rules were a bit wonky but the images that came in showed true creativity and imagination.  Would that we could sent an Atelis to everyone!  However, if you’re still excited about owning one of these deadly serpentine ladies, head on over to Kokomo Toys and order one (or two) today!