GIJoeCon 2018 Comic reveals souvenir list

GIJoeCon 2018 is almost officially here but last night was the Golden Ticket package pickup!  This means that Golden Ticket Holders were able to not only acquire their convention sets one night early (more on this later) but they were also able to pick up their 2018 G.I. Joe Collector’s Convention comic books– which included the following souvenir list:

GIJoeCon 2018 souvenir items

That’s right– these are the Club’s extra offerings for GIJoeCon 2018.

  • Python Para-Viper 2-pack: $65
  • Python SAW Viper 3-pack: $90
  • Python Rock Viper 3-pack: $90
  • Slaughter’s Renegades 3-pack: $90
  • Sonic Fighter Law (carded): $48
  • Sonic Fighter Tunnel Rat (carded): $48
  • Sonic Fighter Lamprey Officer (carded): $48
  • Python Patrol SNAKE armor: $65
  • Laser Viper weapons 3-pack: $20

Hmmm… that’s quite a list. However, there’s a certain logic to it.

The 2 Python Patrol 3-packs (Saw Viper & Rock Viper) are a no-brainer.  One of each of these allows those who purchased the convention set to fill out the ranks of their Python Patrol 2.0 teams to the exact mix of troops first seen in the Toys R Us 6-pack that inspired the set.  Python Patrol Para-Vipers pretty much let us know what this year’s parachute figure will be.  The SNAKE armor is a nice way to skirt around the issue of the lack of vehicle offerings at Fun Publication’s final Joe Con.

But wait, there’s more…

The Slaughter’s Renegades 3-pack took me completely by surprise.  Essentially, (if the comic art is accurate) these are the original Renegades now released in classic Marauders deco!  I won’t lie– I’m all over this set like Flag Points on an ARAH figure!  Hopefully the Club altered the builds somewhat to fix Taurus’ odd neck and seemingly arthritic knees.

Oh, and that Laser Viper weapons 3-pack?  It just so happens that the newly-tooled backpacks for this year’s Python Patrol Laser Vipers can be repurposed to re-equip the 2017 convention Laser Vipers.  Good for those who made it to both events, bad for those who didn’t.

Now this brings us to the carded figures.  At first, the Sonic Fighters Law and Tunnel Rat were a bit of a head-scratcher– until I remembered who the original vintage figures were based on.  Law is the figure form of former brand manager Kirk Bozigian while Tunnel Rat’s countenance comes from master scribe Larry Hama himself.  Both of these gentlemen are in attendance this year.  Offering these figures carded gives attendees something for both of these fine gentlemen to sign!

No word on pricing yet but I’ll add it in when it is revealed!

Keep your eyes on the 2018 G.I. Joe Collector’s Convention page here at JBL for a full summary of all of our coverage in this final year of Joe Con.

2 thoughts on “GIJoeCon 2018 Comic reveals souvenir list

  1. I could not figure out where the Sonic Fighters fit in. That’s some mighty clever detective work right there! It’s the nicest thing about the convention reveals and a fine apropos to both Kirk and Larry as the club wraps up its run.

    • Once that hit me the Sonic Fighters made sense.

      As far as the “Final Twelve” team members– those appear to be easy repaints.

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