GIJoeCon 2018: Slaughter’s Marauders Mutt revealed!

Another day and another reveal from the GIJoeCon 2018 set.  Today: Slaughter’s Marauder’s Mutt & Junkyard!

GIJoeCon 2018 Slaughter's Marauders Mutt


– 25th Anniversary Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure.
– Modern Era Release of Character based on 1989 SM design.
– Includes removable helmet, muzzle, vest, submachine gun,
baton, knife, dog leash, and G.I. Joe Logo Stand.

Say what you want about the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club but they certainly stick close to the vintage designs. In this case, the recipe for the convention exclusive figure is simple: take the 25th Anniversary Mutt build and apply the 1989 Slaughter’s Marauders version color scheme.  Some might criticize this as not being different enough from the 25th release in terms of parts but it is in keeping with the spirit of this set so far.  After all, Footloose was a repaint of his previous Club release in the team deco.The 25A version of Mutt was actually a pretty decent figure– in spite of some pretty thick thighs.  (Look– maybe he’s just really into using his Thighmaster.  Don’t judge him!) There’s honestly not much more to say– if you’ve seen the first modern construction build of Mutt then you know exactly what to expect from this one!

Three down… six more GIJoeCon 2018 previews to go!

For those keeping score, here’s the roster of this year’s set:

Slaughter’s Marauders:

  • Footloose
  • Hardball
  • Mutt & Junkyard
  • Sgt. Smasher
  • Spirit & Freedom

Python Patrol 2.0:

To get your own Python Peril: Marauders to the Rescue boxed set and to register for GIJoeCon 2018, visit the REGISTRATION page at today! (Homefront Heroes and bagged add-on sets are apparently already sold out!)

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