Joe Con 2017: Day 2 Souvenir items and recap

Joe Con 2017 coverage

Joe Con 2017 Day 2 is now one for the history books!  However, we’ve got a bit to talk about in today’s Armchair Coverage recap.

To start– let’s talk souvenir items!  Thanks to Mike Tinnel of Just Another G.I. Joe Show we received an update to last night’s story about the souvenir item list.  This included confirmation and pricing for all of the items.

  • BF 2000 Vector Jet (repainted Conquest) – $132.00
  • Cobra Sky Serpent w/Pilot (rumored to be a Black Dragon VTOL) – $95.00
  • BF 2000 Marauder Snowmobile 2 Pack (repainted Polar Battle Bears) – $64.00
  • Cobra Laser Vipers 3 Pack (concept case version from a few years ago) – $80.00
  • Ultimate Enemies 2 Pack (two pack of DeeJay and his Brazilian repaint Corasao, an Eco-Warriors foe) – $58.00
  • Cobra B.A.T. Rocket Glider 2 Pack (rumored to be the Cobra Jet Pack) – $58.00
  • Battle Force 2000 weapons pack – $13.00

However, Mike has also posted a quick video look at the souvenir figures including Dee-Jay, Corrosao, and the Cobra Laser Viper:

Has anyone noticed that Corrosao seems to be carrying HARDBALL’S launcher!!!  Could this be a hint at FSS 7?!!!

In addition, we’ve got some item images courtesy of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club own display case.  First, the 1:18th items:

Followed by the 1:6th scale set:

We’ve also heard, courtesy of Mike, that as of now the carded Big Lob figures are SOLD OUT!  That means anyone that doesn’t already have one will have to seek out one via the secondary market.

So, that’s the news as we have it now.  Tomorrow should be a bit more relaxed on the G.I. Joe front as there won’t be any more Club news until Saturday’s annual Collector’s Club Roundtable.  However, look for updates from folks like Marauder Gun-Runners and Chicken Fried Toys tomorrow!

Plus, Just Another G.I. Joe Show will be broadcasting LIVE from outside the con floor Saturday at 3:30pm CST!

And now you know!