Just Another G.I. Joe Show – the Kickstarter Show

This week’s episode of Just Another G.I. Joe Show was all focused on Kickstarter!

Just Another G.I. Joe ShowRight now, it seems that the most exciting projects to hit the G.I. Joe fandom are almost exclusively driven by Kickstarter.  As such, Mike invited several prominent founders to the show to discuss their projects as well as the ups and downs of the funding model.

The roster included:

The result is an hour and a half discussion that includes copyright protection, the design process, and even a reveal of some long-lost concept artwork.  The dialogue is uncensored, unedited, and engaging as our panel delves into why crowd-sourced funding is a viable option to help bring projects like this to life.

You can watch the episode here:

At JBL, we’ve discussed each of these projects previously.  Check out our coverage at these links:

Check out the entire archive of previous episodes and check out new episodes every other Saturday at 6pm CST LIVE on YouTube.  Mike and Fred will be live again on May 6th with another surprise guest and more live talk about our favorite Real American Heroes.


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