G.I. Joe FSS 5 unveils Steel Raven

With only one more reveal to go, the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club unveils the G.I. Joe FSS 5 Steel Raven!

g.i. joe fss 5 steel raven

(Based on the G.I. Joe: Extreme animated series character and GIJCC comic stories!)

Includes: removable hat & jacket, sub machine gun, auto pistols x 2, computer pad, and figure stand.

NOTE: All images are Photoshop representations, final product, accessories and/or colors may vary!

Interesting… very interesting.

I’m going to admit it now– I don’t know much about the character of Steel Raven.  I know that she had 2 – 3 appearances in Season 1 of G.I. Joe Extreme before becoming a more prominent character in Season 2. (Despite the fact that I own a fan-produced copy of the series on DVD I’ve only ever watched a few episodes of the series.) I also know that she’s been featured more recently in the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club magazine comics as part of the “runaway Mindbender” story.  Aside from this, she’s a bit of a blank slate for me– and that’s just fine.  After all, wasn’t part of the original mandate of the FSS to produce figures that fans may have never seen before?

The parts combination seems pretty solid.  I’m not quite feeling the disparity in the placement of the brown for her overcoat between the upper and lower torso but that could just be a result of the Photoshop mockup.  It’s hard to tell if that’s the same head that was used for Crimson Asp from the 2013 Nocturnal Fire set or not.  (My gut instinct says that the Club would have called out any newly tooled parts had they been used.)  Still, overall I’m digging it.

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The G.I. Joe FSS 5 Roster:

  • Concealment Specialist – Ambush
  • Flamethrower – Charbroil (Classic deco)
  • Iron Grenadier Courier – Darklon (more modernized version than previous convention version)
  • G.I. Joe Strategic Commander – General Flagg (similar to Battle Corps version)
  • Cobra Battle Corps Cobra Viper – based on Iron Anvils from 2015 Convention version
  • Anti-Armor Trooper – Salvo (more Pursuit of Cobra styled, based on existing tooling)
  • Combat Journalist – Scoop (using the Sky Patrol Airborne head sculpt from this year’s con set)
  • Cobra Falconer – Raptor
  • Advanced Recon – Sneak Peek (based on FSS 4 Tiger Force version)
  • SKAR Infantry Officer – Steel Raven (based on Club magazine comics – FEMALE character)
  • Cobra Shattered Glass Xamot (from the Club Comic Adventure Team storyline with new head sculpt)
  • Z-Force Mechanic Gaucho (pairs with Jammer)