G.I. Joe FSS 5 sneak peek of Sneak Peek

The G.I. Joe FSS 5 previews continue with a sneak peek of Sneak Peek!

G.I. Joe FSS 5 Sneak Peek


(Based on the classic 1987 action figure!)

Includes: removable helmet & vest, assault rifle, binoculars, field radio,
modern era design periscope, and figure stand.

NOTE: All images are Photoshop representations, final product, accessories and/or colors may vary!

It’s a foregone conclusion when the Club releases a sub-team version of a new character that the standard release will follow before too long.  Case in point: Tiger Force Sneak Peek is now returning as standard version Sneak Peek.  However, rather than a straight repaint, the  Club opted to make some changes.  The figure’s web gear has been changed and, to my eyes, it’s actually less of a match for the original 1987 design than the vest used in the recent Tiger Force release.  I’m not entirely certain what the reason was for the change but it is what it is.  (It looks a bit short in the picture.)  Otherwise, it’s a decent update albeit one that once again reuses the 25th Anniversary Airborne head. #Twinning indeed!

Plus, it’s STILL better than Salvo!

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The G.I. Joe FSS 5 Roster:

  • Concealment Specialist – Ambush
  • Flamethrower – Charbroil (Classic deco)
  • Iron Grenadier Courier – Darklon (more modernized version than previous convention version)
  • G.I. Joe Strategic Commander – General Flagg (similar to Battle Corps version)
  • Cobra Battle Corps Cobra Viper – based on Iron Anvils from 2015 Convention version
  • Anti-Armor Trooper – Salvo (more Pursuit of Cobra styled, based on existing tooling)
  • Combat Journalist – Scoop (using the Sky Patrol Airborne head sculpt from this year’s con set)
  • Cobra Falconer – Raptor
  • Advanced Recon – Sneak Peek (based on FSS 4 Tiger Force version)
  • SKAR Infantry Officer – Steel Raven (based on Club magazine comics – FEMALE character)
  • Cobra Shattered Glass Xamot (from the Club Comic Adventure Team storyline with new head sculpt)
  • Z-Force Mechanic Gaucho (pairs with Jammer)