12 Days for Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter

There are 12 days remaining to support the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter project!

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter

We’ve talked about it once before and as part of our Armchair Coverage of Joe Con 2016 but it’s time to sound the rallying cry once more!  The Animal Warriors of the Kingdom can use your support!  Time is running out!

Yes, I realize that there are plenty of high-quality toy lines vying for the attention of collectors these days.  From the Marauder Task Force to the amazing Vitruvian HACKS to the forthcoming Legends of the West, collectors are finding themselves faced with a veritable cornucopia of high quality products to choose from.  From modern military to Greek mythology to the Old West, there seems to be something for everyone.  So what makes the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom unique?  What reason could I possibly give to persuade action figure collectors to support this project in its final two weeks?

I won’t give you one.  I’ll give you:

Five Reasons to Support Animal Warriors of the Kingdom.

  1. Think different.  This was the motto of Apple Computers for a number of years and this certainly applies to the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom.  All of the projects mentioned above have one thing in common– human 1:18 scale figures.  The AWotK take figure collecting in a decidedly different direction: anthropomorphic animals.
  2. More than just primates. Last week, co-creator Jason Bienvenu dropped a teaser image of planned future waves of this line on the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Facebook page.  (If you’re not following them, you should be.)  Rather than sitting back and producing figures based on the primate characters of the line, future waves showcase an incredible diversity of species: avian, primate, feline, terrapin, and even reptile.  From foxes to raccoons to cheetahs to bison and even tortoise, this series will have it all– but only if the funding comes through!
  3. Compatibility. Not only is this line 1:18 in scale but pictures surfaced over the weekend of Jason Bienvenu mixing the AWotK accessories with his Vitruvian HACKS blanks figures… to some amazing results.  Don’t think of this as starting up yet another collection but rather look at this as an opportunity to expand your 1:18 scale displays in a whole new direction!
  4. It’s not just a fantasy setting.  If you get the chance to read The Kingdom – Rise of the Ape King you’ll notice that this isn’t just a fantasy setting populated by animals.  It’s a world in which technology is as diverse as species.  Future series will explore a whole series of space pirates, offering fans a chance to add high-tech animal warriors to their collections.
  5. Gender diversity.  This year action figure collectors will be seeing high-tech female military figures from both Hasbro and Marauder Gun-Runners.  They’ve got fantasy-themed Amazons from Boss Fight Studio.  With Animal Warriors of the Kingdom the potential exists for female animal figures!  From primate to feline, the notion of the “boys club” is becoming more and more of a thing of the past when it comes to action figures.

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom future plans

Seriously… this is a great creator-owned property that deserves to be funded.  I’m not just saying this as someone who is a fan of primate-themed properties such as Planet of the Apes and Captain Simian & Space Monkeys but rather as someone who is a fan of all 1:18 action figure lines.  This line is so fantastic and so DIFFERENT that it deserves support.  If you’re at all interested, please consider heading on over to the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter page and throwing your support behind this line with true potential for greatness!

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