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Animal Warriors of the Kindgom is a new 1:18 scale figure line seeking backers on Kickstarter and it is worthy of your support!

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter

So what is “Animal Warriors of the Kingdom?”  It’s the debut action line from Spero Studios, based on the graphic novel “The Kingdom – Rise of the Ape King” from author Jason Bienvenu.  Spero Studios was founded by Bienvenu and Brandon Gary who were inspired by the action figures we’ve known from the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. Spero is dedicated to bring back the fun of those classic lines with modern articulation and accessories!animal warriors of the kingdom adventure armor pale

The first series is epic in its simplicity; it features the main primate character Pale, the heroic albino ape warrior, as well as four unique army builders.  That’s right– in the first series supporters can obtain the core character of the graphic novel as well as variety of troops in which to stage their epic battles.

Even better– the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom series 1 will be compatible with other recent breakout hit Kickstarter series such as Boss Fight Studios Vitruvian HACKS system and Marauder Gun-Runners Marauder Task Force.  That means fans can take the Animal Warriors of Kingdom series in any direction that they choose.  Pale and the Chunarian warriors can fight with the heroic Spartans against the Gorgons and their new allies, the Horrid soldiers.  Or, in an homage to the classic Planet of the Apes series, all of the anthropomorphic primates could be the creations of genetic manipulation and could rise up against their human masters!

animal warriors of the kingdom articulation

Anyone who has ever read one of the hack-reviews here at JBL knows that I’m a big fan of useful articulation on figures.  Well, the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom delivers that in spades.  (Or bananas, if we’re talking primates here.)  With so much ball-jointed goodness (wrists, ankles, elbows, necks) and double-hinged knees these plastic primates will be able to assume an incredible range of poses– putting them far ahead of even my beloved Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys line.  (Told you, I’m a fan of monkeys!)

Baron Kah Lee from Animal Warriors of the Kingdom

Plus, Pale’s nemeis– the leader of the Horrid armies Baron Kah Lee is a stretch goal!  Every hero needs his nemesis!  Better still, he’ll be a completely newly-tooled figure!


There’s even an incredible All-In option that will allow backers to receive 30 figures, 2 weapon sets, a t-shirt, and a copy of the graphic novel that started it all!  Plus, the line isn’t just limited to primates.  As the title “Animal Warriors of the Kingdom” implies, this is a world filled with a rich diversity of sentient animal life forms.  Gorillas are already hinted at for a subsequent series but the world contains endless possibilities not seen since the After the Bomb role-playing game that was so popular in the late 1980’s!

animal warriors of the kingdom cast

I can’t say this enough: consider supporting the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom on Kickstarter.  This line is so distinct and so interesting that it just HAS to happen! The project ends on Sunday July 10, 2016 at 12:00AM CDT.

If these images don’t convince you, I don’t know what will.  Consider giving this line your support and follow Animal Warriors of the Kingdom on Facebook for more information!