Have you figured out the G.I. Joe 2016 lineup yet?

Who will be included in the G.I. Joe 2016 lineup?

We’re just a few days away from the Hasbro panel at Joe Con 2016 in Loveland, CO and that means we’re just a few days of way from discovering what exactly is the G.I. Joe 2016 line-up of figures.

Hasbro g.i. joe 2016 lineup crossword

On June 3rd, those clever marketing devils over at Hasbro published a crossword puzzle at Hasbro Pulse.  This matrix was comprised of all of the figures to be released by Hasbro in the G.I. Joe at Toys R Us this year.  However, the kicker was that there were no clues given.  Only one row was filled in and that was the name of the Kindle World’s Fan’s Choice character Stiletto.

It’s been a few weeks since this crossword was posted and fans have had time to put in their guesses.  Given past history it’s a safe bet to assume that some of these names will come from the now-infamous Concept Case displays of both 2012 and 2013.  So, who does that leave for the G.I. Joe 2016 lineup?

So far, we know we can add two names to the list.  Both Zartan and Scarlett are confirmed as part of this year’s San Diego Comic Con G.I. Joe vs. Transformers set.

2013 G.I. joe concept case Rock-n-Roll

From 2013, the only remaining concept case figure that was unveiled but not released is Rock-n-Roll.  Given the fan reaction to this figure, it’s a safe bet that he could see an announcement this weekend.  However, and this is a real long shot, there was also an “Ultimate Roadblock” figure planned several years ago for a cancelled Amazon.com 4-pack that would have featured Roadblock, Nunchuck, Cobra Commander, and Slice.  This Roadblock figure included an extra Renegades-inspired head that would have helped round out that roster.  However, given that this figure is several years cancelled it’s a long shot.  I only mention it because “Roadblock” has the same number of characters as “RocknRoll” and both fit very well for #6 down.

G.i. joe concept case 2012

From 2012, we have to do a bit more to choose from but not much of it would applicable unless Hasbro really wants to try something radical.  (Zombies and/or ninjas)  However, there are some practical options from 2012 that might work for the G.I. Joe 2016 lineup.  They include:

  • Barbecue
  • Cobra Officer
  • NOMaD Warrior (also shown in 2013)
  • Stinger Driver

I think it might be a safe bet that at least two of these could be showing up again.

However, that’s just one fan’s idle speculation.  What’s your take on all of this?  Do you have a particular figure from the Concept Cases that you’d like to see released?

Stay tuned from some armchair coverage this weekend of Joe Con 2016 here at JBL!