Pythona is arriving!

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Pythona figures are shipping!

pythona bagged

Okay, yes, these have been arriving for a few days now.  The JBL admin was hoping that his Pythona would have arrived by now so that I could shoot some actual in-hand photos.  Sadly, the US Postal Service seems to have other plans. Thankfully, my writing partner-in-crime Chris Chung came through with a couple of photos last night.  Plus, the “Legendary” Tom Brooks snapped a few killer photos that he posted on Facebook last night.

G.I. Joe Collector's Club Pythona

Honestly– without having the figure in hand I can say that Pythona is my most-anticipated piece of the year.  Ever since 1987 when she made her debut in G.I. Joe: The Movie I’ve wanted a Pythona figure and now she’s finally here!

Pythona Serpentor

Photo by Tom Brooks

Check your mailboxes, kids.  Pythona’s a-coming.  Just hopefully a lot more subtle than her arrival at the Terrordrome!

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  1. Hey Fred!! Really enjoyed your video review of Interogator and Billy! Look forward to your review of Pythona! and any other news and tidbits you might inform us on. Take care and Yo Joe!
    Sincerely, James N

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