2016 SDCC G.I. Joe vs. Transformers exclusive revealed?

SDCC 2016 gijoe vs transformers cover

A new G.I. Joe vs. Transformers exclusive is apparently coming to SDCC 2016.

In the age of the internet, it has become increasingly more difficult to keep things under wraps.  Case in point, we’re apparently getting a brand new fourth G.I. Joe vs Transformers set featuring Scarlett, Zartan, a HISS Tank version of Soundwave, and a Cobra Rattler version of the Autobot Powerglide.

Pics dropped this weekend over on ACToys.net thanks to user Vincentzl and they hold back nothing.  If these are truly representative of the film product, the set appears to contain:


2016 SDCC G.I. Joe vs Transformers Zartan Soundwave

In 2013, fans were treated to a SDCC exclusive G.I. Joe vs. Transformers set featuring Jetfire, Hound, the Baroness, Snake Eyes, and Bludgeon that was said to be the last in the series.  However, with the seemingly increased focus on interconnecting the various Hasbro brands, the folks in Pawtucket decided to delve back into that particular well once more.

2016 SDCC G.I. Joe vs Transformers powerglide

How is the set overall?  Without having it in hand, it’s hard to say.  Honestly, in the grand scheme of product the only real “new item” here is the color schemes of the various pieces, along with the missiles on the Soundwave HISS.  It could just be my weekend storm chasing-addled brain but I don’t see anything new on the Rattler.  However, Powerglide was one of the few Transformers I owned in my youth and the Cobra Rattler is a beast of a jet, even if the tooling now barely fits the current scale of G.I. Joe.

Regardless, I’ve mirrored the rest of the pictures below and I’m sure we’ll find out more information at Joe Con 2016 in just two short weeks.