Reminder: No new G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Memberships after 3/16/16.

G.I. Joe Collector's Club

Tis the season for news regarding the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club, it would seem.

A message posted earlier today on Facebook seems to add further credence to the rumors that Fun Publications is indeed closing out their tenure as the administrator of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club.  In the statement, the Club states that no new memberships will be accepted after March 16, 2016.  If you’d like to receive the free membership incentive Pythona figure (and we know that you do), you have to have an active membership before 3/16/2016!

Here’s the full text from Fun Publications:

Thank you to each and every one of you that has supported us over the last 20 years. We have a great 2016 planned, with the FSS 4.0 currently shipping and info on FSS 5.0 right around the corner!

In regard to memberships, some quick follow ups. If you are a member as of March 16th, 2016 you will be able to purchase the FSS 5.0. If your membership expires during the time period when the 4.0 or 5.0 are shipping, you STILL can pay the installments (if that is the option you selected) and you will receive all your figures as you normally would.

As far as concerns over auto renewals after March 16th. As we have said, we are not taking any new memberships after this date, so there are no auto renewals as there will be no memberships to renew. With less than 3 days left to sign up for the GIJCC though, don’t miss this last opportunity to be part of the Club that has been a part of G.I. Joe for 20 years! You can sign up here…/gi-joe-club-memberships-c1.php…

Finally, back to the very first point. Thank you! Thousands upon thousands of you have supported the Club over the years and right now, as of today, the GIJCC is as strong as it ever has been! That is because of all of you, your love for 12 inch G.I. Joe, the Real American Hero line and everything in-between! So many of you truly enjoy what the GIJCC offers and enjoy what we do and none of what we have done would have been possible without you. You are an amazing fan base and thanks to all of you who continue to have an important impact on the hobby! You all are what makes this fun to do!

While nothing has been said explicitly this message lends further credence to the story that Fun Publications will be ending its relationship as the vendor/provider of the G.I. Joe & Transformers Collector’s Clubs and conventions at the end of 2016.  The first hints were provided when it was stated that all memberships would expire on December 31, 2016 and the second came with the recent message concerning the Transformers annual Botcon and Club.

While we here at JBL haven’t always understood the logic of the Club’s actions over the past 19 years, we’ve certainly appreciated the passion of the staff of Fun Publications for the brand. We thank them for their efforts with both the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club and the annual Joe Con event and wish them all well in future endeavors.

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