Kindle Worlds G.I. Joe Poll Winner Announced

Hasbro announced the winner of the G.I. Joe Kindle Worlds Poll this weekend in a surprise post over at Hasbro Pulse.  Without further adieu, the winner is…

Bill Nedrow’s Stiletto!

Hasbro Kindle Worlds Stiletto

As featured in G.I. Joe Body Count, Stiletto will be joining the ranks of the G.I. Joe team in action figure form in 2016!  Congratulations to Bill on this amazing opportunity to see his character “come to life” in plastic form. Well done, sir!

There were four VERY strong candidates in the voting and there’s time still to check each one of these characters out via their Kindle World adventures.  In fact, now that the polls have closed and the ballots have been counted, this is a great time to get to know all four characters a bit better:

Remember, with the Holidays fast approaching that the G.I. Joe Kindle Worlds stories make for some great reading over the “cold winter nights”.   Joe’s presence on Kindle Worlds has expanded greatly over the past few months and there is a plethora of great stories just waiting to be read.  Go out and support your favorite brand, characters, and author and snag a few for some light reading for the coming weeks.

A big thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Worlds program and to Hasbro for running this poll.  It’s the most excited that this particular Joe admin has seen the fandom in a long time.