Support the Legion XIV Kickstarter!

The Legion XIV Kickstarter can use your help with just SEVEN DAYS to go!

legion xiv kickstarter digital render 3d models

What is the Legion XIV Kickstarter project?  Simple: it’s a fan-driven endeavor to add a bit more diversity to your 1:18 action figure shelf.  The goal of the project is to secure funding to produce a highly articulated 1:18 series of modern army female action figures!  That’s right– FEMALE action figures!

Think about it– new female action figures made from a combination of both ABS and PVC plastics to allow for maximum durability and flexibility!  The Legion XIV Kickstarter’s modest funding goal of $21,000 will cover the production of the Basic Army, Basic Air Force, Night Ops, and Basic Blue trooper shown in the images below. (The last one is especially key— it’s essentially a FEMALE COBRA BLUESHIRT!!!)  Remember how crazy fans went for the Night Stalkers from the Tanks for the Memories convention set back at Joe Con 2007?

legion xiv kickstarter digital breakdown

Plus, have you SEEN the stretch goals?  Let’s just say that Nick Fury and Baron Strucker have the chance to add some lovely ladies to their respective commands as well!

One of the greatest aspects of the original 80’s ARAH era G.I. Joe line was the diversity of its cast.  For the first few years, fans had the opportunity to add at least one female figure to their collections.  Considering that the competition at the time, Kenner’s Star Wars line, only featured one female character, this was pretty much a big deal.  Not only were those female figures of the same quality as their male counterparts but they were prominent figures as well.  Think about it: Scarlett, Lady Jaye Cover Girl, Baroness, and Zarana– each of these ladies played pivotal roles in many stories and were seldom seen as mere “damsels in distress.”

I feel like I owe Falcone, the initiator of this Legion XIV Kickstarter, an apology.  Yes, I’d been aware of this project for a while but for some reason it fell off of my radar when it came to promoting it.  If you’re reading this, good sir, you have my most sincere apology.  This is a tremendous project and one that absolute deserves not only to be fully funded but also to hit those stretch goals as well!

In one week, these figures have the possibility to be 6 months from finished production.  Seriously– by November many a fan could be excitedly opening their own Legion XIV Kickstarter figures and staffing a squad of female Cobra Troopers!  The goal is attainable and the support levels are very affordable!

To paraphrase Starship Troopers: do you part and support the Legion XIV Kickstarter today!