G.I. Joe FSS 3 Shipment 5 is arriving now!

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G.I. Joe FSS 3 Shipment #5 is now shipping!

Thanks to Alyosha of BrokenArrowToys.com, images of the latest G.I. Joe FSS 3 shipments have been posted on Facebook.  Having glanced at the pictures, I can safely say that this is most definitely a “glass half empty/glass half full month” with this shipment containing one of the most anticipated and one of the least desired figures from the entire series.

Want to know more?  Keep reading, Joe fan!  If you don’t want to be spoiled then stop right there!

It’s the Night Creeper Leader and Bombstrike!

g.i. joe fss 3 shipment 5

I’ll be honest– total mixed bag here.

To my eyes, the Night Creeper Leader is quite possibly the worst figure in this entire FSS.  Not only is he based upon the lesser-known ’94 version but that painted scalp just looks “cheap” for lack of a better term.  His color scheme is bland and, in all honesty, I’ve seen better customs.  Not the best G.I. Joe FSS 3 entry at all especially when it would have been so easy to recreate the more dynamic ’93 version that was featured in the comics.

Bombstrike looks pretty good, considering that she’s based on mostly pre-existing parts.  I’m a bit tired of the laptop suitcase that she’s carrying as both Hasbro and the Club have run it into the ground in the past two years but otherwise I’m pretty happy with everything else about this figure.  (In fact, putting her in the same shipment as the NCL makes him look even WORSE by comparison.)

So, fellow subscribers– keep your eyes peeled to your mailboxes in the next few days as you have new Joes inbound!

What do you think of this shipment?  Am I too hard on poor old LSU Night Creeper Leader? Does Bombstrike live up to the anticipation?  Any guesses on who next month’s “Surprise Figure” will be?  Leave your comments below!


2 thoughts on “G.I. Joe FSS 3 Shipment 5 is arriving now!

  1. I’ve been wanting to justify these FSS figures, but they mostly just don’t add up to the costs of them. And NCL looks horrid. He looks like this guy I know that’s trying to hide his bald spot with painted hair.

    And Bombstrike just looks sort of boring. I know the original had the huge knockers and all. But I felt her overall look gave her character. This one just feels slapped together and it definitely shows. Even that headsculpt just looks simple. There’s no real pop to it. Just generic looking.

  2. Had problems with Bombstrike arms. They do not move well.
    She would make a good Helix if you can get the figure dirt cheap.

    The NC Leader is great. Love the removable eye band.
    One of the better remakes that has come out.

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