Joe Con 2015: Club announces FSS 4 and renewal figure

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At Joe Con 2015 the final “big announcement” panel was the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club annual round table.  Brian Savage, David Lane, Pete Sinclair, and Lanny Lathem took to the stage to discuss this year’s convention set as well as to unveil both the line-up for FSS 4.0 as well as next year’s renewal figure.

The crew from the Club was upfront about one thing– last year they took a lot of flack over the images used in the panel which were intended to illustrate the choice of character but that were not necessarily representative of the figure’s final deco.  As such, this year images were minimal as many of these figures are VERY early in the production process.

Also, figures released in the FSS are often chosen because they will NOT be released in that deco in a future convention set.  The FSS is a way to allow these characters to get to collectors and fill in gaps in individual collections.

We’ll start with FSS 4.0:

  • Bunker Buster – code name Barricade
  • Billy Arboc – aka Cobra Commander’s son (inspired by adult mercenary version)
  • Bullhorn
  • Interrogator
  • Law & Order (inspired by vintage version)
  • Inferno BAT (based on the v1 but inspired by the mail-away version from the GvC era)
  • Nunchuck (based on Ninja Force version)
  • Cobra Ice Ninja (new deco of Night Creeper inspired by 1998 Toys R Us 3 pack version)
  • Pathfinder
  • Z-Force Jammer (will use Joe Con 2015 Tiger Force Stalker head)
  • Tiger Force Sneak Peak (working on periscope now)
  • Tiger Force Outback (not based on 25th Anniversary version)

For 1:6 scale fans next year’s renewal figure will be a brand-new Mike Power figure!  This version will feature LED lighting for the eye and two bionic legs.  The add-on accessory kit will be based upon the Training Mission set from the classic Adventure Team line.

For 1:18 scale members, the renewal figure will be….


No, that is not a typo.  The Club has acknowledged the number of requests that they have received for her over the years and is going to to their best to produce a first-ever version of this character for the fans.

In addition, there was discussion of the forthcoming Wave Crusher vehicle with Sub-Viper.  IF this vehicle sells well, the plan for 2016 is to release Dreadnok Heartwrencher with a Dreadnok 4WD vehicle, which will be an homage to the classic Sears-exclusive vehicle of the 80’s.  However, this will only be possible if Wave Crusher sales are strong!

Lastly, in addition to the Marissa Fairborne figure that is coming to both the Transformers and G.I. Joe Collector’s Club, one more crossover piece was announced.  Based upon the episode of the classic Transformers cartoon series, there will be a figure of “Old Snake” (aka Cobra Commander) released with TWO “Bat Drones” (based on the Transformers Prime Soundwave) on a blister card in 2016.

As the panel concluded, prototypes for the crossover figures were on display.