Joe Con 2015: Souvenir Item Details… sort of…

Joe Con 2015 Tiger Force vs Iron Grenadiers

Another piece of Joe Con 2015 news– this time related to the souvenir items.

Thanks to folks already in Springfield, IL we have this list of what’s coming:

  • Iron grenadiers air assault 2-pack LE 900  (Possibly TARGAT)
  • TF helicopter crew 3-pack LE 800 (Possibly Tiger Force Frostbite, Sky Striker, Tiger Force Alpine)
  • TF helicopter LE 600
  • Tiger shark w/felino LE 800
  • Tiger sting w/sgt katzenjammer-Bogen LE 800
  • Iron anvil officer w/parachute LE 600

So, it looks like the Tiger Force Tomahawk is going to indeed be “a thing” this year and the forthcoming Club exclusive Sharc submarine may be getting a Tiger Force repaint. (I’d rather have that over a straight up redo of the vintage Tiger Shark!)

Plus “Katzenjammer-Bogen” is hopefully David M. Katzenbogen aka BAZOOKA!  However the Tiger Sting better not be a repaint of the Danger at the Docks VAMP as the vintage versions aren’t all THAT expensive on the secondary market. C’mon GIJCC – you can do better than that!

As for Felino— it would appear that Joe Con 2015 is going to have another International Joe in the mix as this Brazilian Tiger Force Dusty repaint is making an appearance.  (Not certain why it just couldn’t be Dusty.)

As for the helicopter crew?  Well, your guess is as good as mine.  (I’m holding out hope for a Tiger Force Roadblock simply because I’m a fan of the Marvin Hinton!

Tune in tomorrow night as we’ll have some late night pictures of the exclusives post-registration!

Joe Con 2015 Tiger Force Tomahawk teaser