Joe Con 2015 Registration Update

Joe Con 2015

Joe Con 2015 begins in 15 days and we have our first actual update as to when registration will go “LIVE”…

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club sent out the following email last night to its member list:

Hello everyone,

At this point, we have very little faith that the programming company will finish the new software enough for registration to take place with the new version.  We are very disappointed in this company and will be taking the appropriate action after the convention.  We are diligently working on implementing our back-up plan.  

We are planning to bring one or the other online either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.  Please note that non-attending packages will NOT be available until we close the attending registrations (which will only be open a few days).

Unfortunately the backup solution doesn’t have total flexibility to edit registration mistakes as it is half computer and half manual.  Therefore, please read the brochure again.  Go slowly during the registration process, and please DON”T pick the wrong items that are not allowed per the brochure.  We will review and approve or disapprove each registration.  The only option we have for errors is to delete the registration and let you start over, which could cause a supply issue if someone else gets the item before you re-register.

Just a quick note on some of the rules:

  • Golden Ticket packages can only have 1 GT Aide with them.
  • Golden Ticket packages can order the other boxed sets as well if they want more than one boxed set.
  • American Hero and/or General’s packages can have up to 4 aides.
  • For the 3 3/4″ loose sets, you are only allowed one loose figure set per boxed set.

Don’t pick the Thursday Class and the Thursday Walking Tour as you can’t be in 2 paces at the same time.
Please make sure you put in the proper field (on the registration) all of the package holder’s name(s) and which package they are assigned to.
The software doesn’t know any of these rules, so it’s up to you to follow them (as we do know the rules).

Thanks for your patience and I assure you we are more upset than you are….


PS. The store will be offline until after registration is complete.


At this point, I just have to laugh.   So registration will either go live this afternoon or sometime Wednesday and will be available by the same older system that the Club has fallen back on for the past few years.  Also, you have to love the fact that the email tells you outright that the system isn’t a “smart system” and that all applications will be approved or rejected by hand.

It would be amusing if this hasn’t been the case for the past four years.  At this point it is just plain sad.  Honestly, how can you continually fail to improve upon a system that has been this unreliable for the past four years?  Shouldn’t that $30,000 that the Club collects each year in Golden Ticket sales for the G.I. Joe convention attendees alone pay for a reliable and secure ordering platform?

Good luck to anyone who wants to purchase either the Golden Ticket or access to the customs class and who isn’t situated in front of a computer for the next 24 hours.

And now you know…

Snake Plissken