Joe Con 2015: Iron Anvils are here!

The reveals for the Joe Con 2015 Tiger Force vs. Iron Grenadiers set continue with the unveiling of the Iron Grenadiers’ paratroopers: The Iron Anvils!

Joe Con 2015 Iron Anvil

– 25th Anniversary Modern Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure
– NEW HEAD SCULPT on 1st Modern Era Character Release
– Box Set contains THREE Troop Builder Action Figures
– Includes Cobra Logo Stand, Removable Vest/Leg Straps and
Knife, Sub Machine Gun, Combat Dagger, and Parachute Backpack.

No surprises here – this is heavily based off of the amazing 2005 Iron Anvil figure, which is in turn a repaint of the vintage 1994 Viper v4.  The color scheme fits in with the rest of the MARS Invades convention set.  I’m not crazy about the rubber harness around the ankles as it will interfere with the range of motion in the legs but that’s easily removed.  After some lackluster Tiger Force entries of late, this brings the set back around in a positive direction rather nicely.

This means we have the following figures remaining before we’ve had a good look at the entire set:

  • Tiger Force ): Sgt. Stalker, Dial-Tone, Big Brawler, Wreckage, Recondo, Edwin “Lifeline” Steen.
  • Iron Grenadiers (nine figures): General Mayhem, Metal-Head, Undertow Officer, Iron Anvils x 3, Undertow x 3.

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What do YOU think?  Love it? Hate it?  Sound off in the comments below!