Veterans Day – Thank You For Your Service

Veterans Day Thank you for your service


Today is Veterans Day.  Scheduled to coincide with Armistice Day, which marked the end of World War 1, it is a day set aside to honor ALL members of the Armed Forces, both active and retired, for their sacrifice and their duty in the service of their country.

By the very nature of its subject matter, the G.I. Joe fandom attracts members of the Armed Forces.  To all of you, I can only say “thank you”– for the hours/days/weeks spent away from family, for the risks that you endured, and for the sacrifices that you made in order to safe guard the freedoms that permit me to sit here right now and type a message such as this.  Without your efforts and your examples, I might not live in a great nation such as ours.

To anyone else reading this that, for whatever reason, did not chose the path of service, please take a moment today and reflect upon the efforts of our Armed Services veterans.  Think of what they have given so that we can life in a Land of Liberty and where our freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.  Take a moment today if you encounter someone who is either a past or current member of the Armed Forces and thank them for their service.  It isn’t about the mission– today is about the brave men and women who put themselves between the civilian population and harm’s way and do everything in their power to ensure that the tide doesn’t turn against.

Veterans Day is more than just a “day off of school” or “some really good sales.”  It is a day set aside, on the armistice of what was dubbed “The Great War”, to honor our nation’s TRUE Real American Heroes.

My words are inadequate to express my feelings of gratitude to you all.  Thank you.