G.I. Joe Convention 2014: Eco-Striker and Souvenirs List

G.I. Joe Convention 2014

G.I. Joe Convention 2014 has begun in Dallas, TX and we’ve got some early indication as to what exclusive items round out this year’s 1:18 Zombie Initiative convention set.

Last night an image of the attendee exclusive Eco-Striker was posted to the G.I. Joe Con Official Facebook page.  Molded in blue and yellow plastic, this vehicle seems to compliment the “Neon 90’s” vibe the 1:18 set has going for it this year.  The vehicle itself seems to be a reissue of the G.I. Joe Retaliation version released last year– complete with the spring-loaded missile launcher.

G.I. Joe Convention 2014 Eco-Striker


G.I. Joe Convention Eco-Striker bottom

Over at GeneralsJoes.com, Justin has posted the descriptions and production numbers for the remaining souvenirs as found in the convention program/comic.  It’s an interesting list that I’ve mirrored below:

  • Steel Brigade Pilot w/ VTOL (LE800)
  • Cobra Septic HISS Tank mk II (DTC HISS repaint by the looks of the comic art) (LE 800)
  • G.I. Joe Rescue Ops 2-Pack (no idea, and no clear insight based on internal comic art) (LE 700)
  • Steel Brigade Zombie 3-Pack (LE 1,000)
  • Kre-O Zombie Initiative 7 Pack (LE 600)
  • Night Force Para Trooper Crazy Legs (LE 500)

It’s the last piece on the list that is a real “kick in the o-ring” to this particular Joe fan!  The amazing 2013 Convention set “Nocturnal Fire” featured terrific updates of the Night Force roster and yet the paratrooper Crazy Legs was missing– replaced with a Kre-O figure due to the logistics of the parachute drop.  The fact that he was put off until this year means that many of last year’s attendees are going to be spending a pretty penny on trying to snag one on the secondary market just to complete their sets!

We’ll post more information as the weekend progresses!