Dawg is the next G.I. Joe Convention Reveal!

We’re 45 days out from the 2014 G.I. Joe Convention and G.I. Joe Collector’s Club has released another preview image from this year’s “Zombie Initiative” convention set.  Not exactly a figure this time– but a zombie pit bull!  Meet Dawg!

G.I. Joe Zombie Initiative Dawg

It’s not Repulsor but instead it’s his faithful Compound Z companion!  Dawg is an all-new sculpted piece that fits in with the rest of the Zombie Initiative theme this year.  Speaking of Repulsor, here’s what the GIJCC has to say about the final figure to be revealed:

REPULSOR is the director of security at Cobra Industries and keeps the TOXO-VIPERS in line with the help of his K-9 counterpart!

So, the GIJCC is definitely going with a more Resident Evil theme this year with the “zombie dog”.  Very interesting… although this makes me wonder even more what exactly his handler is like!  Just looking at him reminds me of an undead version of Bandit from Jonny Quest– even though Bandit wasn’t a pit bull.  

That leaves Repulsor as the final preview option:

  • Zombie HuntersOutbackT’J BangSteel Brigade Commander
  • E.C.O. ForceFlintOzoneClean-Sweep
  • Cobra Lab Rat x2, Toxo-Vipers x 3Toxo-Zombies x 3, and Repulsor with Dawg (NEW K-9).

For more information on the 2014 G.I. Joe Collector’s Convention, visit GIJoeCon.com

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