JoeCon 2013 – Hasbro pics (what there is of them)

Okay, it’s time for a game of “JoeCon Good News/Bad News”.

The good news is that Hasbro was on hand once again and has the ultra cool Toma– EAGLEHAWK helicopter on display.  Not only do they have the prototype from Toy Fair but also John Warden was showcasing a production model of this amazing helicopter.

The bad news is that Derryl DePriest confirmed that we’ve pretty much seen all of the other non-exclusive Joe product for what may be the rest of the year.  The items showcased at Toy Fair were on hand but that was it.  Trust me, the product looks great in person and I’ll add more photos tomorrow but it’s a bit of a downer that we won’t see anything new for a bit.

The SDCC exclusives won’t be revealed at Joe Con but instead will be revealed at some point via USA Today.

Take a look at the images from wave 3 of Retaliation as well as the “Basic Figures” that once appeared at Dollar General earlier this year.

More pics to come as I get them uploaded.