Happy Easter from JBL!

Joebattlelines old school easter

I’ve been cleaning out the old photo archives from the last nine years as I’ve been updating the site recently and stumbled across this gem. It’s for Easter probably back in 2005 or so judging by the figure offerings. Back then JBL was still affiliated with RingofCollectors.com (when RoC still existed) and I was more known by the web handle “Leonardo T Dragon”. (Hey, back in the early days of the internet we ALL had handles of some sort! It was like a high tech CB radio community.)

If you celebrate Easter, then “Happy Easter from JBL!” If you don’t, then let me wish you a happy spring! After all, we’ve got G.I. Joe Retaliation in theatres right now and the 2013 Joe Con is just a few days away.

I can’t think of a better time to be a G.I. Joe fan!

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