Happy G.I. Joe Retaliation Day!!!

g.i. joe retaliation flag

That’s right– today is March 28, 2013!  It’s the premiere of G.I. Joe Retaliation!!!!

We’ve waited months for this and now the day has finally arrived.  This weekend fans will flock to see that latest live action adventure of our favorite Real American Hero on the big screen and I have the feeling that they’re going to love it.

The film is currently sitting at 42% over at RottenTomatoes.com with the critics but 82% of audiences have enjoyed it thus far.  I’ve managed to see it twice now (cough FANBOY, cough) and have enjoyed myself both times.  It’s a film that holds up to a repeated viewing rather well.  You can read JBL’s Review of G.I. Joe Retaliation RIGHT HERE as well as other reviews from around the fandom.

My advice– go and see it for yourself.  Get some popcorn, a large drink, and prepare to kick back and relax for next hour and forty minutes as the Joes once again prove themselves to be Real American Heroes!