G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Subscription Wave 2 ships in two weeks!


Many G.I. Joe received an extra present just before the Christmas holiday– the first pair of figures from the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Figure Subscription Service had landed on their doorstep!  Of course, as soon as those first two figures shipped, fans began to speculate as to when the next round would be arriving.  Brian Savage sends out this update to let “eagle eyed” fans know that the wait is almost over:

We are getting ready to prepare the second shipment. We anticipate they they will ship about two weeks from now. Please have any address changes in the system by Wednesday (1/09/13) at 5pm Central Time.

Also, we are planning to do the installment billing for the second payment on or about January 21st. Please ensure that your credit card information is correct and that your debit cards have enough funds. Everyone’s billing amount is different so please refer to your first invoice to know what your amount will be. If you don’t have your invoice, you can log in and look at your order..

For those of you who paid in full, you can ignore the billing information.

Thanks for your support! We hope that you are enjoying your first figure shipment!

Now the speculation begins– with Jinx and Dice already shipped, who will be next?