3DJoes.com – a whole new way to view your G.I. Joe figures…


I first got involved in the online G.I. Joe community back in the late 1990’s and eventually became a site admin back in late 2003/2004.  Since then I’ve seen all manner of G.I. Joe sites come and go– review sites, dio-story sites, forums, fanfic, “Release the DiC Series on DVD” sites, etc.  However, I received a tweet yesterday that led me to something that took me completely by surprise.


Imagine being able to look up any G.I. Joe figure or vehicle– and then rotate that piece of plastic goodness 360 degrees to examine every detail.  That’s the concept behind 3DJoes.com.  Currently only displaying the 1982 line-up, the sight offers an unprecedented way to view your favorite Gen 1 ARAH figures in all their 3.75″ glory.  It’s such a fantastic idea it makes me wonder why no one had ever thought of it before.

Seriously– go check it out.  It’s a sight that promises to get a great deal of use from this particular admin– especially when the later 90’s era Joes are uploaded.

3 thoughts on “3DJoes.com – a whole new way to view your G.I. Joe figures…

  1. I can’t thank you enough for the promotion! 3Djoes has over 3,000 hits this week. The reception has been AWESOME!!!

    Now I just need to find the time to start on 1983! I’ll be in touch as new years become available.

    Carson (3Djoes.com)

  2. The 1985 figures are now live! 1985 is the best year yet. So many amazing character designs. Snake Eyes and Timber, Tomax & Xamot, the Dreadnoks, Flint, Lady Jaye, there are so many classics from 85. To top it off, Snow Serpent is my favorite all time Joe mold. Such a sick sculpt.

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