JBL Review: More G.I. Joe reviews coming soon… really!

Yeah, remember a few weeks ago that whole promise of “one G.I. Joe  review a week”…

Sounded pretty good, didn’t it?  Yet– there is a decided lack of new reviews posted in the past two weeks.  You might even find yourself wondering- “What happened?”

Trust me– more reviews are coming.  Sadly a plumbing issue took place at Casa del JBL… right over the photo setup!  Everything is fine now but the delay cost me some time that I’m working to get back.  Just check out the gallery below to see a few preview images of some of the figures that will be covered in the next two weeks here– including some fan favorites that were long overdue for an update!

After that– I’ll be “hopping around” a bit in terms of new reviews.  This means that we’ll be dipping back into the classic Gen 1 G.I. Joe A Real American Hero line as well as the Gen 3 “Modern Era” figures as well.  The past few years have left me with quite a backlog of product both opened and unopened that needs to be freed from its plastic prisons!  So, if there’s something that you’d like to see JBL cover in a review– shoot me a line or post a reply below and I’ll add it to the queue.  (See, I do take requests!  Just no “My Little Pony” stuff… no Bronies here!)

Anyway, enjoy the preview images and keep your eyes posted on JBL!  There’s more new content coming!