G.I. Joe Collector’s Club: Store now NOT going up today…

Sigh… there’s an old adage that says “measure twice, cut once.”  There’s another that talks about “putting the cart before the horse.”  (I’m going to skip the G.I. Joe mantra of “Knowing is half the battle…”)

Both of these should be engraved onto pieces of granite and hung in the offices of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club…

Here’s the “latest” email from the Club regarding the store:

This quick update is going out to all members of both clubs.

Also, I forgot to say that we will be turing it on to test the layouts but no products will be available.  Please do not try to use it until we give you the go ahead as this will just compound issues.

Thanks for your patience and support,


Umm… at this point my only response is “Whatever”…  Seriously– they couldn’t have done an unannounced test at 2:00am to verify layouts.  Instead, an email is sent out “announcing” that the store will go live and that there will be limits placed upon the number of Footloose figures, etc.  Now, call me crazy but doesn’t this latest communication seem to be in DIRECT contradiction to the previous email– sent not even 24 hours apart?

Yes, I know– “it’s hard to run a club” and “they have a small staff” but at this point, how about we only ANNOUNCE something AFTER it is ready to launch?  It’s called “common sense”…