Podcast: WOJM special edition #13 – the Retaliation fallout discussion

G.I. Joe Retiation - moved to March 29, 2013

Nothing moves as quickly as a fandom angered.  The crew of What’s On Joe Mind reacted with lighting speed yesterday and recorded an “emergency podcast” to discuss the news of the last minute change in release date for G.I. Joe: Retaliation that was announced late yesterday afternoon.

Here’s the official synopsis:

It is the news NO ONE wanted to read.  It was the news NO ONE wanted to believe.  Regardless what no one wanted, it is the new reality of the motion picture dedicated to our favorite hobby.  Instead of being released June 29, 2012, the movie that we’ve waited so long for and seemed only a few weeks away got moved to March 2013.  Join WOJM co-hosts Chuck, Justin, Mike and Gary along with special guests Arune Singh from Marvel Comics and Brian Truitt from USA Today as we have a roundtable discussion with a number of community leaders about what this move means to the line and its future.  While disbelief and frustration are the theme of the night, the cast looks hard toward what if any silver lining can be found and attempt to predict what the next 9 months will bring.  Its a raw, unedited recording of a roundtable of fans picking up the pieces from the day.  May 23, 2012 is the start of a new reality for GI Joe.  Hear what the gang has to say…

You can listen to the podcast below: