Podcast: WOJM #40 – JBL’s Alexx makes an appearance and the voice of Tunnel Rat!

You’ve read his reviews for years here on JBL and on JoeSightings.com but have you ever heard the man speak?  Alexx mades an appearance on this latest installment of What’s On Joe Mind!  Here’s the synopsis:

Oh Lordy Lordy, What’s on JOE Mind reached 40!  Beach-Head Mike is promoted this week to be our new full time co-host.  Also we are joined by our buddy Craig from The Fwooshcast.  Chuck steps up in a big way to become our NEW showrunner.  It was a light news week but right off the bat we had some breaking news as the GIJCC changed the dates of the 2012 JoeCon back one week and finally announced the hotel location in New Orleans.  What was the fall out?  Joining us in the virtual studios this week we did find a very eager and well spoken guest in Eric, aka Alexx from Alexx’s Shorts on JoeSightings and JoeBattleLines.  He talks to the guys about his unique way of how he blends reviews and humor into his figure pictorials.

From the mailbag Chuck answers a letter from his sister Barbara on why he won’t go to JoeCon.  Chuck gets real for a moment and let’s it be known that he isn’t a shut-in like he made it out to be.  We also answer an older letter from Brad who asks, among other topics, if collectors are ruining Joe for kids with our need to army build.  In the second half we hear a pre-recorded interview with Matt Yang King, the voice of Tunnel Rat in GI Joe Renegades.  He has some hilarious stories to share and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  In addition to being promoted to co-host status, Mike is also our anchor on the news desk as we talk about the 80Tee’s up close look at the GI Joe Retaliation Motorcycle.  The GIJCC sets Footloose “loose” on the showcase turntable for a full 360 view of what this year’s incentive figure will look like.  Lastly, keep your eyes open during NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis for the next official trailer to hit.  Don’t forget, this will be the first to really hit the mainstream so it will be interesting come next week on the public reaction to the new direction of Joe.

So it’s JoeCon discussion, Alexx, mailbag, Matt Yang King, Retaliation, Footloose and the Super Bowl Trailer!  What more can you ask for?  Enjoy!!

Check it out below!