Podcast: What’s on Joe Mind #39

Back with a new logo and a new episode… here’s the official (albeit lengthy) synopsis:

Where do I begin with this one?  What could have gone wrong DID in this one.  What started out to be a quiet standard episode turned into a 7 man battle royal.  I guess people will say, “Well, it wasn’t THAT bad,” and that might be true.  Editing removed a lot of the audio “cyloning,” coughing (i.e. check out the 01:20:31 mark for a doozy), wheezing, bickering and wayward topic discussion, you could clearly tell that most of us were simply not on our “A-Game” for this one.  First on the guest list was Chris Sims of ComicAlliance.com and War Rocket Ajax podcast.  OK, no big deal, standard podcast for us, right?  Well, we picked up a surprise host right before starting the record (now 6) and then Mike chimed in on an ill placed show entrance by Gary which interrupted our guest (now 7).  Sigh…this was not good.  Then the fun poking began as everyone targeted in on Gary for some reason.  Now Gary is a good guy, he can take a good ribbing, but when the night begins to spin out of control, well, everyone’s temper becomes a little salty.

Here’s a lesson in podcasting folks, don’t irk the editor. When we were done embarrassing ourselves in front of our guest, we read a listener’s letter and listened to some voice mail from friend of the show James Kavanaugh, Jr.  In the second half we talk about the two new guests for Roll Out/Roll Call 3 and transitioned into the unfortunate news that no Movie 2 merchandise was shown at UK Toy Fair.  We also talk about the upcoming HissTank.com March Madness thread where you can submit what characters you want to see in modern era contrux.  Last year’s bracket had some interesting names in the Sweet Sixteen that are now possibly in your collections.  Worth a look for sure.  Anyways, not sure how this episode will go down in the annals of Joe podcasting lore, but like our very bad pilot episode, you can stomach at least one full listen of the episode.  So send all hate mail care of Justin B. to GeneralsJoes.com – he’ll enjoy it!

As always, you can listen to the episode in the embedded player below: