Dice is the next Collector’s Club subscription figure!

The Collector’s Club has revealed the next figure in their subscription service!

We have another exciting figure preview from our upcoming monthly subscription service… Cobra Ninja Commando: DICE!

Two exclusive figures packaged individually on a 25th Anniversary style blister card will ship each month. These are only available through the GIJCC Subscription service from Fun Publications. As an added bonus, by signing up for the full six month subscription you will receive a FREE bonus 13th figure.

Note: This Subscription Service is an additional option to your Club Membership. Keep watching GIJoeClub.com for more exclusive figure reveals!

See, I’m now more conflicted about this subscription.  I was all set to pass because of figures like Quarrel and the Nano-BAT which I have ZERO interest in.  Topside was an interesting choice but not really the big “oomph” I felt the Club needed to showcase.  Still, he’s a figure that I don’t have in the new style and so he raised my interest a bit. Dice takes things further in the “probably going to subscribe” department solely because I like the character– especially after his recent appearances in IDW’s Snake Eyes solo series.

I’ve mirrored the pic below for those who are interested.  Between this reveal and the recent BBTS exclusive sets my Joe interest is on the rise again.