Life size Alley Viper helmet and shield available!

HelaViper, the twisted genius behind the life-size SNAKE armor and many impressive costumes seen at recent Joe Cons is back with his latest offering… a life size paired Ally Viper shield and helmet combo!

After a self-imposed hiatus (two babies 16 months apart ;)) I’ve headed back to the workshop!

Ready for pre-order now, I will have a limited supply of these combo’s at the con, so pick-up one at the show for the show price of $350.00!

Because of continued requests, this handcrafted, wearable helmet is now available with the shield.

To purchase a shield or request more information, visit this thread in the forums!  Also, be sure to follow Cremeans Creations on Facebook for the latest updates on new items!

Cremeans Creations Alley Viper combo