Skystriker returns in 2011!! New Cobra Osprey!

It’s times like this that I miss no longer attending Toy Fair.  However, Justin of was diligently on the scene and has provided some great information to accompany Hasbro’s latest slew of press images.  It would seem that 2011 marks the return of a fan-favorite vehicle that many had assumed was lost for good – the SKYSTRIKER! 

Not only that, but eagle-eyed fans of G.I. Joe Renegades should like what they see being added to Cobra’s arsenal!

Mid-Size – Due Summer, 2011; MSRP $19.99

  • Cobra HISS w/ HISS Driver
  • G.I. Joe VAMP Mark II w/ Steel Brigade Delta
  • Cobra Black Dragon VTOL w/ Air-Viper

G.I. Joe Skystriker w/ Ace – Due Summer, 2011; MSRP $29.99

For more pics, check out Justin’s AWESOME coverage at!