Press images of Pursuit of Cobra vehicles waves 1 & 2!

More images from the folks in Pawtucket today!

Hasbro sent out press images of the vehicles that comprise Pursuit of Cobra waves 1 & 2.  Included are the HISS v5 that made its debut in Kansas City in 2009 (along with the Ice Cutter), the repurposed Sigma 6 Mechs, as well as a reissued Snow Cat– now dubbed the Wolf Hound.

For me, it’s a mixed bag.  The design of the new HISS intrigued me when Richard Woodhouse first unveiled it two years ago.  I really like the updates to the classic Sky Hawk design found on the Ghost Hawk, even if the pilot feels a bit uninspired.  The Joe’s new Steel Marauder reminds me of the walkers used in Roughnecks Starship Troopers– and that’s not a bad thing.  However the Deviant leaves me a bit cold.  Madmac41 keeps insisting that I need a Doom Cycle but the jury is still out on that way.

Check out the images in all their HI-Res glory in the gallery below!

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  1. They sure didn’t change the Snow Cat much besides the name! Is the “Wolf Hound” really gonna have a decal that clearly depicts a white cat? I don’t get it. Why bother?

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