SDCC Sgt. Slaughter- gone from!

Sometime before 10:30am CST today, the San Diego Comic Con exclusive figures began to trickle onto  However, in RECORD TIME, Sgt. Slaughter was listed as “sold out”, leading many to question whether he was truly available or not. 

Regardless, as of right now, any attempt to buy the Sarge in either version will result in the following screen:

Sgt. Slaughter's status at HTS

It’s also been reported that the GIJoe Collector’s Club is also sold out on sets of this exclusive.

One thought on “SDCC Sgt. Slaughter- gone from!

  1. I was watching all morning and refreshing about every 5 minutes. As soon as Slaughter came online it was out of stock. I thought they said there would be a limited number available.

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